Clare Ducksbury

Clare Ducksbury benefits from over two decades of experience working on complex, high profile class actions across multiple jurisdictions. As Co-Founder and CEO of Case Pilots, Clare’s focus is on positioning the company at the forefront of developments in collective redress, in the UK and across Europe.

Clare’s unwavering commitment has seen her closely involved in driving the strategic direction of administration and distribution in class actions filed at the Competition Appeal Tribunal and, more recently, in cases before the District Court of Amsterdam and the Portuguese Competition Court. Prior to establishing Case Pilots, Clare headed up various Holocaust reparation programs in Switzerland, the US and the UK. She also acted as a Consultant in the Converium and Vivendi European shareholder class action settlements and has been invited to join various working committees at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Case Pilots has unique, deep-rooted experience in handling both opt out and opt in claims, as well as designing voluntary redress schemes. This work sees the multi-disciplined team at Case Pilots collaborating with numerous stakeholders – including legal teams, class representatives, funders, and defendants.  The comprehensive suite of litigation support services offered by Case Pilots includes Notice & Administration Planning, Bookbuilding, Litigation Websites, Claims Validation & Verification, outsourced Claimant Communications, Quantum & Claim Profiling, sophisticated Data Reporting, Settlement & Disbursement management, and Strategic Consulting. The delivery of those services is underpinned by claims automation and the use of AI, via “CPNav” (Case Pilots Navigator) – an innovative claims management system.


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