Deborah Greenspan

Deborah Greenspan is a leading advisor in resolving mass claims and class actions. Her expertise includes mass torts, future liability analysis, insurance recovery, ADR, claims management, and settlement distribution design. She has represented Fortune 100 companies in mass claims cases and mass claim bankruptcies.  She has served as a court-appointed Special Master for various cases, including developing and implementing a settlement program for over 100,000 Vietnam veterans and facilitating the distribution of over $9 billion to victims of the September 11th attacks. She is currently the Special Master in the Flint Water Cases litigation. In addition to her work in mass claims matters, Deborah has extensive experience in private mediation and is the immediate past chart of the Dispute Resolution Committee and also serves on the ABA Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee.


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The Global Class Actions and Mass Torts Conference is a prestigious international event that focuses on the concept of collective redress, which refers to legal mechanisms that allow a large group of individuals who have suffered similar harm or injury to pursue their claims together as a single entity.

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