Francesco Consoli

Francesco Consoli CEO at Libra Claims

Francesco Consoli is an entrepreneur and investor active in the Private Equity and Litigation Finance sectors. His education and professional experience are remarkably diverse. After obtaining three degrees in Industrial Economics, Modern Literature, and Law, Francesco spent ten years working in the consumer credit sector at Compass, a subsidiary of the Mediobanca Group.

Subsequently, he practiced as a lawyer specializing in corporate litigation for twelve years, founding Italy’s first mass tort law firm, Delex Law Firm.

Retiring from legal practice, he devoted himself to investment projects by co-founding the boutique Delex Capital and operating through club deals in collaboration with investment banks, focusing on fundraising and real economy investments.


Since 2018, Francesco has concentrated on litigation finance, actively promoting the sector’s development in Italy. He launched the first major book-building campaigns through the brands Libra Claims – dedicated to class actions – and, structured as a network of branches, focusing on the cash-out of personal injuries and automated claim assessment through AI.

Among the objectives for the current year, in addition to expanding the already established structures, Francesco is actively promoting capital raising from investors to collaborate and co-invest with litigation funds interested in the Italian market.



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