Nils von Hinten-Reed

Nils von Hinten-Reed is a founder and Managing Director of CEG Europe. Nils has 30 years of experience of providing economic and expert advice to Government, international organisations and the private sector. Before forming CEG, Nils was a Vice President in a UK based economics consultancy, a case-handler at the European Commission’s DG Competition and an economic adviser at UK’s HM Treasury. In the last 20 years Nils has provided expert advice in a wide range of competition and commercial litigation cases before competition authorities in Europe and Asia-Pacific, court proceedings and international arbitrations.

Nils has led teams on some of the most complex and large competition and commercial damages cases. His extensive experience includes expert testimony in the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal and High Court on behalf of Sainsbury’s against MasterCard and Visa in damages claims concerning interchange fees; expert evidence in the largest telecoms arbitration between T-Mobile and Vivendi; Polish Oil and Gas Company arbitration against Gazprom; numerous competition cases before the European Commission, national authorities, the Singapore CCS and disputes before arbitration Panels and Courts. Nils has also led merger teams including Phase II investigations before competition authorities. Currently, Nils is the expert for number of proposed opt-in and opt-out class actions before the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal and cases before the Dutch and German courts. Nils is working on both defence and claimant mandates.

Nils’ industry experience spans the aviation, banks, basic and specialty chemicals, construction, electricity and natural gas, finance, hospitality, industrial gases, insurance, maritime, media, pharmaceuticals, ports, post, rail, telecommunications, transport, and retailing sectors.

Nils is included in Global Competition Review’s 2022 / 23 list of recommended competition economists and the Expert Guide to the World’s Leading Antitrust / Competition Lawyers and Economists. Nils has also been included in WWL’s List of Competition Thought Leaders.


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